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The Case for VGTs in Indiana

It’s important to remind ourselves why we continue to advocate for Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) in Indiana. We believe VGTs could boost revenue, support small businesses, create jobs and empower veterans in the state of Indiana.

Boosting Revenue

One of the most significant advantages of legalizing VGTs is the substantial boost in tax revenue it could generate. In neighboring states where similar laws have been passed, they have generated nearly $550 million for small business owners in just a few years! This kind of revenue could stimulate all 92 counties in Indiana. Additionally, this influx of revenue enables these establishments to invest in repairs, staffing, and improvements, ensuring and contributing to the vitality of Indiana’s communities.

Supporting Small Businesses and Creating Jobs

The introduction of VGTs would not only benefit state revenue but also provide a lifeline to small businesses across Indiana. With the introduction of VGTs in licensed locations, these businesses would experience an increase in patrons, stimulating local economies, supporting small businesses, and maintaining and creating jobs for Hoosiers throughout the state. In fact, it’s estimated that legalizing VGTs would create over 32,000 jobs statewide.

Empowering Veterans

Additionally, the legalization of VGTs presents an opportunity to support veterans’ organizations and promote responsible entertainment. By allowing VGTs in veterans’ clubs, these organizations can diversify their revenue streams, enabling them to continue providing essential services to Indiana’s veterans and their families.

Looking Ahead

The legalizations of Video Gaming Terminals holds significant potential to driving economic growth, supporting small businesses, empowering veterans, and enhancing responsible entertainment in Indiana. A win for VGTs is a win for Hoosiers!

Learn more about how you can help support VGTs for Indiana at

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