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Thank You to VGTs for Indiana Supporters

Updated: Mar 22

We have reached new levels of achievement this year, thanks to you, our supporters! By contacting your legislators to tell them why VGTs are important to you and your business, we are moving one step closer to legalizing video gaming terminals in Indiana. Our fall advocacy campaign brought over 400 points of contact to our legislators. That is ground breaking!

While House Bill 1290 is not progressing forward as anticipated, we are grateful to all who participated in the campaign. All in, out of 752 bills introduced, the House had a pass rate of 21%, the Senate 26% with just about 175 being sent to the Governor. 

Let’s continue advocating for VGTs in Indiana throughout the year. Visit our website’s Take Action page to contact your legislators. Make it clear that VGTs are vital for supporting small business owners in Indiana while offering a fun and responsible entertainment avenue. Remember, it takes all of us together to get this legislation passed!

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