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  • What are Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs)?
    A VGT is an electronic video gaming machine that can be paid to play or simulate a gambling game such as poker, line up and black jack. VGTs use a video display and award winning patrons with free games or credits that may be redeemed for cash. If legalized, VGTs can be placed in bars, truck stops, taverns and any additional licensed location. These highly-regulated games use a video display and award lucky patrons with free games or credits that may be redeemed for cash.
  • Why should we legalize VGTs in Indiana?
    VGTs have the power to generate millions of dollars in revenue which can be distributed locally and statewide. On a local level, allowing VGTs in locations will bring in additional patrons to VGT licensed establishments, stimulate the economy and support the small business owners. In neighboring states, similar laws have been passed and have generated nearly $550 million for small business owners in just a few years.
  • How will this affect my community?
    VGTS provide a boost for small business in communities througout the state, will generate millions of dollars in local and state tax revenue that will benefit all 92 Indiana counties, and will create more than 32,000 jobs according to a recent study conducted by Union Gaming.
  • How will this benefit small businesses?
    “House Bill 1662 is a win for jobs and small businesses,” said Matthew Pflueger, Owner and Operator of Circle P Saloon in Brazil, Indiana. “The legalization of VGTs will not only help businesses like mine create a new revenue stream, it will also bring more customers in the door and help them stay longer. This helps us create and retain more jobs in our community where they’re sorely needed.” Revenue from video gaming terminals stays local supporting Indiana business in all 92 counties. Local bars, taverns and veterans’ organizations will have a new revenue stream and more customers to help them with repairs, staffing, and other improvements, giving them longevity and keeping these important local jobs.
  • How will VGTs help veterans?
    “Our veterans deserve the very best,” said Richard Leirer, Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the VFW Department of Indiana. “Introducing VGTs to our posts across Indiana will help create a new revenue stream for us to provide more critical services to veterans and their families and other charities within our communities.” Allowing VGT's in veterans’ clubs, like the American Legion and VFW, allows these crucial organizations to continue supplying essential services to Hoosier veterans by adding an extra revenue stream to programming and services.
  • How will VGTs provide responsible entertainment?
    Once legalized, establishments that feature video gaming terminals would be tightly regulated with tough but fair rules that cap the size of bets, restrict access for those under 21 and even limit the number of terminals that can be in one location, among many other rules. Enforced by the Indiana Gaming Commission, these rules promote responsible gambling and make sense. To establishments with a three-way liquor license or a truck stop (minimum diesel sale requirements apply). Because liquor licenses are limited in Indiana, VGTs will be capped in each community. VGTs award 85-92% of money played to the players and the max bet is $2 making it an affordable and responsible gambling experience.
  • How much tax revenue will VGTs generate for Indiana?
    The legalization of VGTs will generate millions in new revenue from gaming taxes and fees; money that can be used to fund local roads, schools, and other essential local and state needs. According to a recent study, the legalization could bring the state of Indiana over $100 million in new revenue in its first full year of operation.
  • How can I help?
    Our elected officials are making decisions that have a huge impact on our industry and livelihood. It is vital to have your support moving the legalization of VGTs forward. To support our efforts, follow these easy steps. 1.Contribute to the cause through the organized Indiana Coin Operators Political Action Committee (INCOINPAC) at 2. Request a meeting with your legislatures to explain the necessity and benefits of the legalization of VGTs. 3. Inform your industry colleagues. A shared voice is key. Better results will be achieved with more people and businesses we have supporting our joint mission. 4. Sign up for email news alerts. Learn more on our Take Action page.
  • How do I know who my Indiana legislators are?
    Find your Indiana legislator.
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