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Support House Bill 1290

House Bill 1290 will bring VGTs to Indiana supporting thousands of local businesses and service organizations throughout the state.

HB 1290 authorizes wagering on video gaming terminals in certain establishments. It establishes a licensing structure for participants in video gaming. It imposes a Video Gaming Wagering Tax of 30% of adjusted gross receipts.

HB 1290 advocates for a VGT system that has:

A Limited Footprint

  • Establishments must have 3-way liquor license (or truck stocks with a minimum diesel sales)

  • Limit machines per location

Responsible gambling

  • Must be 21+ to play

  • Games in a restricted area

  • Max wager = $2

  • Max payout = $599

  • 90+% or higher machine payout

Safe Locations

  • Ticket system with redemption machine means locations are not handling cash

  • Regular software updates and machine servicing by Operators

Revenue Sharing

  • Profit split between state/local tax (30%), Operators (35%) and Location (35%)

  • Operators responsible for all up front investments and maintenance costs

Show your support for the bill! Contact your legislator and tell them why your business will benefit from House Bill 1290. Find your legislator here.

Visit the Take Action page of our website and contact your legislators today!  

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