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Support HB 1548

House Bill 1548 will bring VGTs to Indiana supporting thousands of local businesses and service organizations throughout the state.

HB 1548 advocates for a VGT system that has:

A Limited Footprint

· Establishments must have 3-way liquor license (or truck stops with a minimum diesel sales)

· Limit machines per location

Responsible Gambling

· Must be 21+ to play

· Games in a restricted area

· Max wager = $2

· Max payout $599

· 90+% or higher machine payout

Safe Locations

· Ticket system with redemption machine means locations are not handling cash

· Regular software updates and machine servicing by Operators

Revenue Sharing

· Profit split between state/local tax (30%), Operators (35%) and Location (35%)

· Operators responsible for all up front investments and maintenance costs.

Show your support for the bill – contact your legislator and tell them why your business will benefit from House Bill 1548. Find your legislator here. Visit for more information.

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