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How to Get a Meeting

Identify Who Your Elected Representatives Are

Locate your representatives here. Do this for your 1) home or primary residence, 2) primary business, 3) highest revenue locations. It is possible that your customer base spans multiple districts, meaning you may wish to contact more than just your primary representative to request a meeting.

Know What They Stand For

Once you have identified your representatives you should research them. Individual profiles are available on the site above which identifies the committees the representative is involved with. Committees to target are Public Policy and those with a financial focus (i.e. Tax & Fiscal Policy, Ways & Means).

Request a Meeting & Follow Up

The next step in securing a meeting is to send a letter or email formally requesting a meeting. The IAMOA has provided a form letter to help facilitate this. Invite them to tour your offices or popular locations to learn more about your role in the community. If you do not receive a response after one week, follow-up by calling their office directly and reiterating the contents of your letter. Phone numbers can be located on the site above.

Notify the IAMOA of Your Meeting

The IAMOA has staff and resources to help guide you in your meeting, including a dedicated lobbyist who can accompany you. As part of a larger coalition aimed at legalizing video gaming terminals in Indiana, IAMOA can connect you with other association’s members to lend additional support in your meeting efforts. Call 877.463.2662 or email

Prepare for Your Meeting

VGT Proposed Legislation Flyer

Benefits of VGTs for Indiana Flyer

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