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Sign the Petition for VGTs in Indiana

The VGTs for Indiana Coalition has posted a new petition to sign on to a letter to the Indiana General Assembly.

Sign the petition now to show your support for VGTs.

The petition in full:

Dear Members of the Indiana General Assembly:

We, the undersigned owners, operators, and managers of bars, taverns, and non-profit clubs respectfully request your consideration to save our businesses.

While the COVID virus has been devastating to many small businesses such as ours, the industry has experienced a sizable downturn due to significant changes in state policy over the last several years. The smoking ban harmed some, but for many, the turning point was the state banning "gray" games which were, in many cases, the difference between a viable, neighborhood bar or private club staying open or closing their doors for good. This policy change was done concurrently with the major expansion of gaming in the state, and since then there have been several changes benefiting the large gaming industry, but very little done for locally owned establishments.

Hoosiers can gamble in many settings even on their telephones, but not at the corner bar or the local non-profit club. To be clear, we are not asking to be afforded the same opportunities that out-of-state corporations are given when it comes to gaming. We are simply asking for a change in the law to give us a chance to stay in business.

As members of the VGTs for Indiana Coalition, we respectfully urge you to support efforts to allow video gaming terminals (VGTs) in small bars, taverns, and non-profit clubs as a way to allow us to remain viable. Without this fair and modest change, many of us will be forced to close permanently.

The VGTs for Indiana Coalition proposal will not only save small businesses in Indiana, but it will also increase state revenues in a time that is much needed.

Please enact legislation to help Indiana's bars, taverns, and nonprofit clubs. Support video gaming terminals.

For more information please visit

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