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Popular Types of VGT Games

As you begin to hear more and more about Video Gaming Terminals (or VGT, for short), you may hear a lot about the potential revenue they could bring in to the state of Indiana. These VGTs won’t just be helping the state - they can be helping the small-business owners who house them by bringing in more business while their patrons win big on the machines.

However, you might be wondering exactly what kinds of video gaming could be available in facilities across the state to generate this revenue. These games are typically games you would find in a casino with the added convenience of being at the places you frequent most often.

Some of the most popular VGTs include:

Three Reel Mechanical Games These classic electronic slots feature 3 reels (vertical parts that spin on the screen) and are most associated with what people think of when they think of a VGT. These games provide a clean, classic, fast-paced gaming experience. Popular games include:

  • Carribean Cash

  • Hot Red Ruby

  • Deep Sea Riches

  • Squirrels Gone Nuts!

Five Reel Mechanical Games

You guessed it - these games are similar to the three reel but have five instead. And what difference does two extra reels make? Simple: More combination possibilities, which means more chances for the player to hit a payout. These games often contain bonuses and mini-games along with fun themes from space aliens to popular TV shows. Popular games include:

  • Free Spins of Fortune

  • Wonder Woman Gold

  • Reels O’Dublin

  • Mr. Money Bags Free Spinnin’

Traditional Card Games

Some players prefer to stick to the deck when it comes to playing VGTs. These games are more in line with what you would find on a Casino floor. Popular games include:

  • Double Bonus Poker

  • Blackjack

  • Deuces Wild

  • Jacks or Better

No matter what kind of game amuses you, chances are there is a VGT that can help you have fun while giving you the chance to win big. The passage of VGT gaming laws in the state of Indiana could make all this possible at an establishment near you, putting money into the state budget and into your pocket.

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