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How VGTs Can Help Small Businesses

From local bars and taverns to veteran organizations, small businesses have been through a lot these past couple of years. Small businesses are still doing their best to recover from the pandemic. If you want to help create another revenue stream for recovering small business owners, support the legalization of Video Gaming Terminals.

Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) are electronic video gaming machines that can be paid to play or simulate a gambling game such as poker. VGTs would bring in additional patrons, creating a new stream of revenue. VGTs also require staffing, installation and maintenance to occur thus maintaining and creating additional jobs in your local community. VGTs have the potential to create 26,300 jobs and $1.9 billion in net income. Essentially, the legalization of VGTs would help stimulate the local and state economy, all while supporting your local, small businesses. Indiana should not be missing out on this kind of economic potential. A win for VGTs is a win for Hoosiers!

How can you support these businesses with the legalization of VGTs? Contact your legislators! We have a new tool in our toolbox to help make contacting your legislators even easier. Visit the Take Action page to send a personalized message to your legislator in support of VGTs.

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