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2022 Primary Election Report

The 2022 primary election was held on May 3, 2022. Below is a recap of the primaries.

In the House there were 21 races where a Republican Incumbent faced a challenger and 10 races that featured open seats resulting from retirements or new districts being drawn. No incumbent Democrats faced a primary challenge.

In the Senate, one incumbent - who was caucused in due to resignation – was defeated.

The 2022 Indiana primary elections were the first to be held since the legislature adopted new Congressional, House and Senate districts. Incumbents who failed to win will still serve the remainder of their term until the November General Election. With these new maps there were 28 House and Senate Primary Elections that included at least one incumbent, the most since 2008. As we move to the General Election, it is not expected that the GOP will lose their Super Majorities in the House or Senate. Looking at the various races for congress, attention was concentrated in the 1st and 9th Districts. In the 1st, a normally ‘safe’ seat for Democrats, a competitive 7-way Republican primary resulted in the election of Jennifer-Ruth Green who will run against incumbent Democrat Congressman, Frank Mrvan. This is a race that has been on the radar of the major political pundits as a race to watch as a possible turnover. In the 9th, 9 Republicans lined up to replace retiring Congressman Trey Hollingsworth with former State Senator Erin Houchin taking the crown with 37%. Senator Houchin is expected to win in the Fall given the make-up of the new district. U.S. Senator Todd Young was unopposed in the Primary election and will face Democrat Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott in the General election. Up next will be the major party conventions in June that will select candidates for Treasurer, Auditor and Secretary of State.

Continue to follow to learn about the impact of the primaries on the push for VGTs for Indiana.

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