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Will the Hoosier Lottery Expand Gaming without Legislative Authority?

A few weeks ago, the Hoosier Lottery announced plans to pursue iLottery – online lottery sales - in response to competition from neighboring states. Currently, the Lottery could move forward with these plans without legislative approval, however there are several bills in the legislature with amendments to require legislative oversight to this expansion of gaming.

The Indiana Food and Fuel Association and the Casino Association of Indiana have commented on the Hoosier Lottery plans urging legislative oversight in this matter to ensure key policy implications are examined.

What would iLottery mean for VGTs? Moving forward with iLottery would once again expand gaming in Indiana while leaving thousands of Hoosier small business owners out of the gaming market. VGTs offer an opportunity for local businesses such as bars, taverns and service organizations to earn revenue from gaming activities – keeping this revenue in our local communities instead of giving it to out-of-state conglomerates.

Contact your legislator and tell them your concerns and how VGTs could help your business.

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