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Why Don't We Have VGTs in Indiana?

With football season starting up again, I’m sure you’ve seen ads or commercials pushing online sports betting, specifically DraftKings. Online sports betting is legal in Indiana, making it easier for Hoosiers to gamble on sporting events. However, most of the revenue from online sports betting goes outside of Indiana. With Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs), the revenue stays in Indiana. This would mean supporting your local small business that house these VGTs instead of large corporations that don’t support your local community.

VGTs are designed for responsible gambling. Placement of VGTs would be limited to only age-restricted establishments and the number of machines would be limited. Maximum bets will remain low and the payouts are over 90% of bets placed, which is a lot more than any other gambling experience including casino slot machines. The business-model for VGTs is not to create high-risk, high-stakes experiences, but rather to provide fun, low-risk entertainment. An added bonus, VGTs would benefit your local community.

So why do we have legal online betting in Indiana, but not VGTs? Contact your legislator and tell them you want VGTs for Indiana because it supports your local small business owners and provides a fun and responsible entertainment option. Learn more at

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