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What is Next for Hoosier Bars and Restaurants?

Updated: May 13, 2021

Recently, Governor Holcomb announced Indiana would transition from a mask mandate to a mask advisory and removed capacity restrictions on bars and restaurants state-wide, signaling a light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic. Cities and counties are working through their own restrictions, including Marion County/Indianapolis, which will keep the mask mandate and reduced capacity.

After months of closures and restrictions, bars and taverns will be struggling to catch up for some time to come. What is next for Hoosier bars and restaurants? How many more will close before then end of 2021?

VGTs for Indiana has been working since 2016 to legalize VGTs for Indiana. Imagine if there had been support from legislators in 2016 for VGTs. Terminals would have landed in bars and taverns some time in 2017 operating for nearly three years before the pandemic. These small businesses that operate at very slim margins would have had additional operating reserves to count on during COVID-19 closures and a steady revenue stream upon reopening. VGTs would have had a positive affect on the sustainability of these small business and the livelihood of the people they employ.

Its not too late. Legalization of VGTs would give bar and tavern owners hope for their struggling businesses. Contact your legislators today and tell them the positive impact VGTs will have on your business. Visit for more information.

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