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VGTs Would Be an Essential Lifeline for Bars and Taverns

Capacity restrictions for bars and taverns across Indiana continue to drag on as we approach the one-year mark of the initial COVID-19 shutdown. That means bars and taverns have been operating at less than 50% of their typical revenue for twelve months, a hardship that would have been hard to imagine a year ago. This is a hardship that many of these small businesses will not survive with tens of thousands shutting their doors for good in 2020, a trend expected to continue in 2021.

What if we could provide a lifeline for these small businesses who serve as pillars of their small towns and communities? VGTs would be such a lifeline providing bars and taverns with a much needed revenue source to help them get back on their feet once the pandemic has subsided.

Larry Arthur, owner of The Office Lounge in Bloomington, IN shared, “when the COVID-19 Virus started I had a very successful business for almost fifty years and almost overnight the wheels came off. I know this virus has affected everyone but I feel bars and taverns were hit the hardest. Many places had to close completely, but I kept my business open to mainly be sure my employees had wages coming in, and in a selfish way to make sure I had employees to work for me after the virus was under control and people were back to work. I paid ALL my employees, whether they actually worked or not. As of this writing, August 18th., 2020 I have lost over $700,000 with no end in sight.”

It is hard to imagine when bars, taverns, restaurants, and veterans’ clubs will be back to normal business operations. When they are back, they will have a very deep hole to dig out of to maintain their long-standing businesses. Legalization of VGTs for Indiana could be the most important small business initiative in the history of our state by giving thousands of businesses a new revenue stream.

Learn more about how VGTs can be the light at the end of the tunnel we are currently in at

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