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VGTs Continue to Gain Attention at Session Halfway Point

The Indiana Legislative session is half over and VGTs for Indiana has had a productive session thus far. Our team at the statehouse has been knocking on doors to make sure every legislator knows the impact VGTs will have an thousands of small business in every corner of the state – and legislators are taking notice.

Our VGTs for Indiana reception in January brought together a record number of legislators in support of legalizing VGTs in Indiana. This gave us the opportunity to share that unlike the expanding the offerings of land-based casinos, the legalization of video gaming terminals would draw Hoosiers back to small businesses in towns across our state.

Our coalition has been able to push pause on other gaming expansion bills that do not support small businesses and local communities by encouraging legislators to consider all types of gaming and broadening the benefits beyond out-of-state casino corporations.

The fact is that small, independent bars and restaurants along with our state’s social and veterans’ service organizations like the VFW and the American Legion are struggling. In the face of growing competition often from growing walled-off casinos, they need to bring people in the door and keep them there. The legalization of video gaming terminals could not only bring in additional customers, but they could also entice existing customers to stay longer as they enjoy new entertainment offerings.

Video gaming terminals are a win for small businesses, a win for state and local governments, and a win for every-day Hoosiers who just want more entertainment options when they choose to dine out. When considering gaming legislation, policy makers should remember Main Street and include the legalization of video gaming terminals in Indiana.

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