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VGT March Madness

March Madness has descended on central Indiana with sixty-eight college basketball teams playing. The players and spectators will bring a much needed boost to the hospitality industry after a year of shut-downs and capacity restrictions.

However, this tournament only lasts a few weeks. VGTs could bring a new revenue stream for small business owners and service clubs that would secure their business for decades.

Hoosiers win with VGTs! Here are a few of the players that would benefit from legalizing VGTs in Indiana:


VGTs in veterens’ clubs such as the American Legion and VFW would support the important work of these organizations. Revenue from VGTs would keep these clubs open serving their veteran patrons as well as the community charities they support.

Small Businesses

If passed, VGTs would be placed in bars and taverns across the state. Large chains, while technically eligible, are not likely to install VGTs. The bulk of businesses receiving benefits from VGTs will be small businesses. Revenue from VGTs will help them keep their doors open, hire more staff and provide responsible entertainment for their customers.

Truck Stops

Indiana truck stops took a hit with an increase in Indiana gas taxes sending truckers to Illinois or Ohio for gas. Having a new entertainment source in their stops will encourage truck drivers to spend their gas money in Indiana an provide a needed boost in revenue for the truck stops.

Bowling Alleys

VGTs (in a 21+ restricted access area of the bowling alley) would support your local bowling alley through additional revenue protecting jobs and a source of inexpensive family entertainment.


Many Hoosiers have expressed interest in an entertainment options such as VGTs that is close to home, affordable, and has the highest percentage of paying out.

All Hoosiers

VGTs will create jobs and local and state tax revenue, which will benefit all Hoosiers.

With VGTs, Hoosiers win!

Visit for more information and to take action!

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