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Trick or Treat for VGTs

While you may or may not be knocking on doors for candy this Halloween, you should be knocking on you your legislators’ doors to tell them why VGTs are important to your business.

Video gaming terminals will provide a much-needed new revenue stream for small businesses. With extra revenue coming in from VGTs, the small business owner also can afford to pay their staff competitive wages and make repairs on their building, remodel or add on.

In short, a small business owner in Indiana who can have VGTs installed stands not only to benefit from the additional revenue personally, but they can take that revenue to help stimulate the local economy as well.

VGTS offer an affordable entertainment option with low bets and a very high percentage of payback. Machines have tons of games and software can be updated frequently to provide updated experiences for patrons.

Operators will provide high quality service to keep VGTs compliant with state law and ensure the safety of the establishment and its patrons.

Indiana should not be missing out on this kind of economic potential.

So what can you do? First, you can contact your Indiana legislators to voice your support of legalizing VGTs in Indiana. Then go to our Take Action page to discover other ways that you can support the effort to legalize VGTs.

Supporting the legalization of VGTs is truly supporting small business owners while supporting your community.

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