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The Fun of Playing Games Without the Stress of Traveling

There are a lot of reasons why people enjoy gambling.

Some love the anticipation of seeing if taking a chance pays off. Others like a payoff that comes with being a skillful player instead of just a lucky winner. No matter the motivation behind seeking out games, the bottom line is that games are fun.

Indiana offers many options for the casual gamer including casinos, racinos and sports betting. However, these options can be very expensive due to higher risk, lower payouts and for casinos and racinos travel and hotel costs.

VGTs Offer Affordable Entertainment

Video game terminals (or VGTs) give people the convenience of playing just about any casino game you can think of right in the comfort of their local bar or tavern.

By legalizing VGTs in Indiana, Hoosiers all over the state would be able to take some time to unwind and destress without having to drive any further than their local bar. Keeping the action local is not only guaranteeing that part of the revenue produced is staying in that specific town, but it also would give Hoosiers the opportunity to stay close to home but still have a good time.

Also, VGTs offer 97% payback on all bets placed and with lower costs bets you can play for hours and stay ahead. VGTs are not designed to break the bank. Instead they offer an affordable night out!

Sure, there’s a time and a place for a vacation. And Las Vegas is a popular destination for millions who are looking to get away. But the simple act of playing a game of chance and beckoning Lady Luck to make a visit shouldn’t have to require a gallon of gas or a plane ticket.

Indiana should be able to provide all Hoosiers a chance to try their luck without having to leave the boundaries of their own town if they wish.

What can you do to help make this a reality?

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