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The 2021 Legislative Session is a Wrap

The 2021 Indiana Legislative Session concluded last week. The General Assembly will have to come back in the fall for redistricting based on the 2020 census data.

VGTs were not adopted this year, but we laid a lot of ground as the VGT Coalition continues to build support for a future bill. Please continue to contact your legislator to tell them why VGTs are important to your business.

There was one gaming bill passed - Senate Bill 245 - which makes changes to charitable and type II gaming, including:

  • Allowing proceeds of charitable gaming to be used for certain property maintenance and improvements

  • Increasing single prize limit for progressive or carryover pull tab games to $15,000

  • Setting new rules for raffles

  • Setting new limits for prices in type II gaming

VGTs for Indiana will continue to tell the story of bars and taverns, veterans' clubs, and coin-operated vending companies who would all greatly benefit from legalizing VGTs in Indiana.

Continue to follow our progress at

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