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No Election in 2021, But You Can Still Get Involved

There is no election in 2021 for Indiana, but that doesn’t mean your legislators shouldn’t hear from you.

VGT legislation will not be heard unless your legislators hear from you.

Here is a quick guide to contacting and talking to your legislator:

Step 1: Find Your Legislator

Visit and enter your home address to identify your legislator and their contact information.

Step 2: Send an email or make a phone call

Introduce yourself and your business. Tell your legislator that you support making VGTs legal in Indiana and how it will help your business. Share your stories of the hardship COVID shutdowns have caused for you and how VGTs will help your business survive the pandemic.

Download these helpful flyers to help you with your conversations:

Without your voice, legislators might let these bills slip by unheard. Contact your legislator today.

Learn more at

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