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Momentum is Growing for Video Gaming Terminals in Indiana

Over the past year, the VGT coalition has been talking to small business owners and social and veterans’ organizations about the benefits that Video Gaming Terminals could provide.

Our message is simple: With Video Gaming Terminals, Hoosiers Win.

To date, 750 small businesses and their patrons have signed a petition to legalize VGTs in Indiana, and more than 1,639 people have shown their support by following the Legalize VGTs for Indiana Facebook page.

Why is this effort gaining traction throughout the state? It is because unlike the expanding the offerings of land-based casinos where the benefits would work to draw Hoosiers into the new gaming palaces, the legalization of video gaming terminals would do the opposite. VGTs will draw Hoosiers back to small businesses in towns across our state.

The fact is that small, independent bars and restaurants – along with our state’s social and veterans’ service organizations like the VFW and the American Legion are struggling. In the face of growing competition – often from growing walled-off casinos, they need to bring people in the door and keep them there. The legalization of video gaming terminals could not only bring in additional customers, they could entice existing customers to stay longer as they enjoy new entertainment offerings.

Video gaming terminals are a win for small businesses, a win for state and local governments, and a win for every-day Hoosiers who just want more entertainment options when they choose to dine out. When considering gaming legislation, policy makers should remember Main Street and include the legalization of video gaming terminals in Indiana.

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