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Indiana Special Legislative Session Starts July 25

The governor called for a special legislative session to address returning a $1 billion surplus to taxpayers. The session, originally planned to begin July 6, was pushed back to July 25 in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Special sessions must be completed in 40 days.

While VGTs will not be on the docket for this short special session, VGTs for Indiana and our partners will be meeting with legislators who are in Indy for the session to talk about why VGTs are a win-win for the state and all Hoosiers. We continue to build support for VGTs as we get closer to the 2023 legislative session.

Why is this effort gaining traction throughout the state? It is because unlike the expanding the offerings of land-based casinos where the benefits would work to draw Hoosiers into the new gaming palaces, the legalization of video gaming terminals would do the opposite. VGTs will draw Hoosiers back to small businesses in towns across our state.

Video gaming terminals are a win for small businesses, a win for state and local governments, and a win for every-day Hoosiers who just want more entertainment options when they choose to dine out. When considering gaming legislation, policy makers should remember Main Street and include the legalization of video gaming terminals in Indiana.

Visit to learn more about getting involved for the next legislative session.

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