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Indiana Midterm Election Update

It was a busy midterm election last week. If your district was up for reelection, take a moment to see who won the race and reach out to your legislator to introduce yourself and congratulate them.

There are a few house races that are still too close to call/may go into a recount. House Republicans should maintain their supermajority at 71 seats and in the Senate will pick up one to move to 40 seats.

Indiana 2022 Election Results U.S. Senate: Indiana’s Senior U.S. Senator, Todd Young won big despite a widely touted poll from a month ago that showed him with only a three-point lead. The final margin looks to be about a 22-point margin of victory, giving Young a second term. U.S. House: All incumbent U.S. House seats won reelection and Republicans held control of CD-02 in northern Indiana with Rudy Yakym (R) easily winning to replace Jackie Walorski who was killed in a car accident in July. In CD-09, former State Senator Erin Houchin easily won election replacing retiring member Trey Hollingsworth. The one race thought to be close in CD-01 saw Republican Jennifer Ruth-Green fall short to Frank Mrvan by about a 53-47 margin. The Indiana U.S. House count stays at 7 Republicans and 2 Democrats. Statewide Races: Republicans held onto the offices of Secretary of State, Treasurer and Auditor. Tera Klutz wins reelection as State Auditor, Daniel Elliott is the new State Treasurer and Diego Morales wins the Secretary of State’s race despite a variety of controversies that dogged him throughout the campaign. All three candidates were helped by the big win at the top of the ticket with Morales winning by a slimmer margin than the others but still winning by a double-digit margin. Indiana Legislative Races: Republicans will keep their super majorities in both the Indiana House and Senate despite enthusiasm from democrats over the abortion issue. Indiana House – It appears that Republicans will defeat two incumbent Democrats seats and enough of the newly created and open seats to maintain their super majority at a 71-29 margin. At least three House races where incumbents were challenged in more purple districts went to the incumbent Republicans. Indiana Senate – Republicans look to increase their super majority by one to a 40-10 margin, holding on to a couple of seats that were thought to have been in play, especially in suburban counties around Indianapolis, and turning on in Northern Indiana.

Next up is Organization Day where committee appointments will be announced. These will be very important to our VGT legislative strategy in the coming session.

Visit for more information.

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