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How Legalizing VGTs Will Help Indiana's Veterans

Hoosier veterans win with Video Gaming Terminals!

How can VGTs help Veterans?

It goes without saying that our veterans deserve the best we can give them. If they are willing to sacrifice so much for the safety of their country and neighbors, it is only right that we take care of them in return.

So, how can VGTs help Indiana take care of its veterans? It's simple: they will provide a new revenue stream to veterans' clubs that provide services to veterans and their families. This new revenue can provide funding to veterans' clubs to help them fund community programs in turn. Unlike charitable gaming, however, VGT funds can also be used by clubs to pay for repairs and staff, meaning improved quality in our services and care for veterans. This revenue could be the difference in keeping clubs open, especially as many were closed for months due to COVID-19.

What can you do to help get VGTs approved in the Hoosier State?

You can start by contacting your local legislators to express your desire to legalize VGTs and create different avenues of revenue for your town, county and state.

There's more you can do to advocate, too! Visit our Take Action Page to find out what you can do to help give the green light to legalize VGTs in Indiana.

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