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How Are You Getting Back on Track?

The past few months have been extremely tough for Indiana bars, taverns and veterans’ clubs. Many of these establishments are pillars of their community providing employment, connections and community services. For many weeks, these cornerstones of the heartland have been closed or have had to change their business model to provide carryout only service.

Back on Track Indiana was launched two weeks ago by Governor Holcomb to slowly reopen Indiana businesses. However, the next few months will be critical for smaller companies as they try to hang on until customers come back.

Operating a small business is a challenge even in the best of times and takes grit and determination. Right now, it takes even more. We want to hear from you about how you are keeping your business afloat, your outlook on the future, and how you have been supporting your community and employees during this crisis.

Share your story to inspire others. The rising tide raises all boats.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing resources on our Facebook page to help you navigate reopening and plan and prepare for any future challenges as we wait for a vaccine for COVID-19. Follow Legalize Video Gaming Terminals for Indiana on Facebook.

In the meantime, VGTs for Indiana will continue to talk to legislators this summer about the value of video gaming terminals for the state and the thousands of small businesses who have been dealt a huge blow by the stay-at-home order. Learn more about VGTs for Indiana.

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