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Hoosiers Win with VGTs by Supporting Small Businesses

COVID-19 is taking a toll on all the VGTs for Indiana Coalition stakeholders. Legalization of video gaming terminals in Indiana has never been more important to support these businesses and organizations. VGTs would provide a much needed source of revenue so that once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted our stakeholders can rebuild.

Veterans’ Clubs

Clubs such as the VFW and American Legion have been closed off and on for months due to COVID-19. These clubs not only provide a gathering place for veterans, but also provide essential services to veterans and their families. VGTs would provide a much needed source of revenue that can support their clubs (staffing, repairs) and service projects.

Independent Bars & Taverns

Seven months of closures and restricted capacity is expected to close up to 40% of independent bars and taverns. A swift legalization of VGTs could give these business owners an opportunity to reopen/stay open and recoup their lost revenue. These establishments are more than just places to grab a drink – they are cornerstones in their community and important to small-town economies.

Coin-Operated Vending Companies

Coin-operated amusement companies are also small, usually family-owned businesses that own and operate juke boxes, dart machines and pool tables. Bar and tavern closures have delivered a hit to their business as well. Legalization of VGTs would provide coin-operated amusement companies another service they can provide to their clients and allow them to hire additional staff.

Hoosiers win with VGTs by providing a much-needed boom for small businesses. Learn more at

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