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Hoosier Small Business Spotlight: New Albany Roadhouse

Often large companies like Salesforce, Amazon and Google get all the media attention, but small businesses are a huge component of the U.S. economy. The Indiana economy includes more than 500,000 such small businesses that employ 1.2 million Hoosiers. Included in this important economic segment are local bar and tavern owners.

One such business owner is Richard Kimes of New Albany, Indiana. His local establishment is the New Albany Roadhouse, a small sports lounge in southern Indiana. The New Albany Roadhouse employs nine direct employees and supports local distributors and vendors that provide services to the tavern.

The Roadhouse is very active in the New Albany community. It provides meeting space for the local Lions Club and Fire Fighters Union and sponsors local high school sports teams.

Richard talks about the sports betting bill passed in 2019, “I have fewer patrons on Saturday and Sunday to watch the games because they are going to gaming lounges. Things were tough enough [for my business] before. I am going to have to stop streaming games to cut costs, which will not be good for my business.”

Richard supports legalization of VGTs in Indiana. Revenue from video gaming terminals stays local and supports Indiana businesses like the New Albany Roadhouse in all 92 counties. Local bars, taverns and veterans’ organizations will have a new revenue stream and more customers to help them with repairs, staffing, and other improvements, giving them longevity and keeping these important local jobs.

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