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Bar Owners to Legislators: Legalize Video Gaming Terminals to help small businesses and address budg

The VGT Indiana coalition today called on legislators to take a new approach on proposed gaming reform legislation in order to help small businesses and address the state’s projected budget shortfall of approximately $100 million.

“With Video Gaming Terminals, Hoosiers win,” said Jerry Wilson, President of the Indiana Amusement and Musical Operators Association. “The legalization of VGTs will create a new form of responsible entertainment for Hoosier adults in every community across our state while creating jobs, protecting small businesses and boosting state and local coffers by over $100 million in the first full year alone.”

According to a recent study conducted by Union Gaming and commissioned by the Indiana Amusement and Musical Operators Association (IAMOA), the legalization of Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) would have enormous economic benefits, not to mention be a win for state and local governments. Legalization of VGTs in Indiana would also create or retain over 32,000 jobs and could result in over $700 million in investment in the state, the study shows. In addition, the same study found that the legalization would bring over $100 million in new revenue to the State of Indiana in the first full stabilized year alone.

“The proposed gaming bill is in danger of collapsing under its own weight and would constitute the largest expansion of Indiana gaming in over two decades,” continued Wilson. “Video Gaming Terminals are a common sense solution that will give Hoosiers safe and convenient entertainment options while providing a boost to struggling local bars and veterans’ organizations in communities across Indiana.”

“The legalization of VGTs will give Main Street across the entire state a seat at the table, while addressing an unexpected budget shortfall.”

VGTs are pay-to-play electronic video games that simulate common games that you may see in a casino like blackjack or poker. These highly-regulated games use a video display and award lucky patrons with free games or credits that may be redeemed for cash.

VGT Indiana is a coalition of over 370 local bars and veterans’ organizations in every corner of the state who have expressed support for VGT legalization, including locations in 26 state senate districts and 37 state house districts. The list includes numerous veteran service organizations like the VFW or American Legion who have praised VGTs as a way to improve programming and resources available to veterans.

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