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Five Things to Know about Coin Operated Vending Machines

The Indiana Amusement and Music Operators Association (IAMOA) represents over forty coin-operated vending companies across Indiana. These vendors are the masterminds behind the pay-to-play amusement devices that bring life to countless establishments. From classic jukeboxes and electronic dart boards to pool tables, video games, pinball machines, these companies keep Indiana entertained. In addition to providing equipment, IAMOA members run dart and pool league programs culminating in dart and pool tournaments with more than 2,500 players.

Here are five fascinating facts about coin-operated vending companies you should know:

  1. Service is their Middle Name: These companies don’t just drop off equipment and disappear. They provide round-the-clock service, ensuring that your favorite bar game is always ready for action.

  2. Small but Mighty: Don’t let their impact fool you – most of these companies are small businesses with fewer than five employees. Many have been passed down through generations, preserving a unique slice of America.

  3. They’re Everywhere: While bars and taverns might be their bread and butter, you’ll find their equipment in arcades, family fun centers, and veterans’ clubs. They’re adaptable and always looking for new venues to brighten up.

  4. League Champions: Ever wondered why your local bar is buzzing on a typically slow Tuesday night? Thank the dart and pool leagues organized by these vendors, bringing in customers and fostering community spirit.

  5. Potential Gaming Pioneers: They would ensure compliance if VGTs are legalized in Indiana, coin-operated vending companies would own and operate the VGT equipment and be an integral part in ensuring responsible gaming through compliance with all state gaming regulations.

The next time you drop a quarter into a jukebox or challenge a friend to a game of pool, remember the intricate network of local businesses that make it possible. These coin-operated vending companies are more than just game providers – they’re community builders, family legacies, and potential pioneers in the evolving landscape of entertainment and gaming in Indiana.

Learn more about VGTs for Indiana and support the cause.

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