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Five Things to Know About Coin-Operated Vending Companies

The Indiana Amusement and Music Operators Association (IAMOA) represents more than 40 coin-operated vending companies in the state of Indiana. These vendors own and operate pay-to-play amusement devices such as jukeboxes, electronic dart boards, pool tables, video games, pinball machines, and cranes in locations throughout the state. In addition to providing equipment, IAMOA members run dart and pool league programs culminating in dart and pool tournaments with more than 1,500 players each.

Here are five things you should know about coin-operated vending companies:

  1. Their business is about service. Coin-operated vendors provide a high level of service to their clients by ensuring equipment is functional (with 24/7 service).

  2. They are small businesses. Most coin-operated vending companies in Indiana have less than five staff members. Many of the businesses have been in families for generations.

  3. They operate in many kinds of establishments. In addition to bars and taverns, coin-operated vending companies place their amusement equipment in arcades, family fun centers and veterans’ clubs.*

  4. Leagues support local businesses. Much like bowling alleys run leagues to fill up the lanes on Monday night, dart and pool leagues ran by the coin-op vendors in local bars and veterans’ clubs on slower nights help bring in new customers supporting the local establishments.

  5. They would ensure compliance. If VGTs are legalized in Indiana, coin-operated vending companies would own and operate the VGT equipment and be an integral part in ensuring responsible gaming through compliance with all state gaming regulations.

*Note: If legalized, VGTs would be restricted to establishments with a 3-way liquor license.

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