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Back to School Part 1: ABCs and VGTs

Hoosiers win with Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs)! VGTs provide a responsible, inexpensive gaming option with low maximum wagers and 90% + payouts. VGTs provide patrons with hundreds of game options such as poker, line up and blackjack.

The ABCs of VGT benefits:

All Hoosiers win. Profits from VGTs will stay with Indiana businesses and Indiana towns instead of out-of-state gaming entities. All 92 Indiana counties will benefit from VGY tax revenue VGTs (not just the 12 counties with casinos).

Big impact for Hoosier small businesses. VGTs will help keep thousands of small businesses, including bars, taverns, and veterans’ clubs in business.

Create 32,000 Hoosier jobs. A recent economic impact study reported that VGTs would create more than 7,000 direct jobs and three times that in indirect jobs because of the revenue generated from VGTs. These jobs would be in all communities throughout the state.

Contact your legislator now and tell them why you want VGTs for Indiana. Learn more at

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