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2023 Legislative Session Wrap Up

The Indiana General Assembly concluded business for the 2023 session at the end of April. This session was more about what didn't happen in gaming including no iGaming or iLottery. VGTs for Indiana had a front-row seat to the iGaming discussion ensuring legislators considered small businesses and communities across the State versus the interests of a few large gaming companies. Key legislation passed this session includes:

  1. HB1001 - State budget

  2. SB172 - Changes to the maximum price of a pull tab from $1 to $5.

  3. SB302 - Regulation of Charitable Organizations

  4. SB447 - Charity gaming matters - define "professional sports team foundation"

VGTs for Indiana will be very active this summer meeting legislators in their district and strategizing with our growing coalition of legislators on how to get VGTs passed in the 2024 session.

Learn more and get involved at

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