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2021 Indiana General Assembly Session Reaches Halfway Point

We are halfway through the 2021 session. Most gaming issues, including the house and senate VGT bills, did not receive hearings or get through the third reading and are therefore dead bills.

Overall, 1,032 bills and joint resolutions were introduced with only 316 moving on to the 2nd half (30.6%).

To break it down further:

- House Bills Introduced: 602; Survived: 149 (25%)

- Senate Bills Introduced: 410; Survived: 167 (41%)

Senate Bill 245, which provides qualified service organizations to use net proceeds from allowable activities for infrastructure improvements and increase the prize limit for a progressive or carryover pull tab game to $15,000 did advance to the House. It is too early to tell if the House Public Policy Committee will hold a hearing on this bill, but if they do it is a great opportunity for us to bring the VGT issue, and the need amongst bars and taverns, to their attention again.

VGTs for Indiana coalition members and advocates generated a lot of phone calls and emails to their legislators in the past few weeks. Anything can happen in the second half so please continue to contact your legislators and let them know how VGTs can help your business.

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