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Back to Basics with VGTs: The Facts

We’re going back to basics when learning about VGTs to help understand why we should be advocating for them. More importantly, we want to understand the "why" because that is what gives meaning and purpose to our cause.

First, what are video gaming terminals (VGTs)?

A VGT is an electronic video gaming machine that can be paid to play or simulate a gambling game such as poker, line up and black jack. VGTs use a video display and award winning patrons with free games or credits that may be redeemed for cash. If legalized, VGTs can be placed in bars, truck stops, taverns and any additional licensed location.

But more importantly, why should we legalize VGTs in Indiana?

VGTs have the power to generate millions of dollars in revenue which can then be distributed locally and statewide. On a local level, allowing VGTs into your local communities will bring in additional patrons to VGT licensed establishments, stimulate the economy and support the small business owners. In neighboring states, similar laws have already been passed and have generated nearly $550 million for small business owners in just a few years! A win for VGTs is a win for Hoosiers!

Learn more about how you can help support VGTs for Indiana at

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